Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rye for R-Pi

I've been thinking about the sort of programming that might be interesting on Raspberry Pi. Anyone who uses Windows just expects a GUI interface and so anyone coming to R-Pi from Windows will expect this too. The scripting language being pushed forward is Python, something I'm happy about, it really is a pleasant language to use. Python has more than one way to create a GUI program - I chose Tkinter.

GUI programming is a bit harder than just a terminal text-based program, but not too hard. I've been working on a program that will be a bit of fun to use. It is based on a program from about twenty years ago called Kye. It is a puzzle game to move Kye, a blob, around the level, staying away from the beasts and gather the prizes. You can see more about the original Kye here.

I'll hopefully create a series of posts describing the stages to get something displayed and more and more stuff working towards a fun game. We'll see how far and how fast I get on. I hope this will be interesting to anyone wanting to write Python GUI code. As a spin off I'll get a version of Kye that doesn't need Windows. I've decided to call my version Rye.


  1. From long ago and far away you might be (slightly) interested in this link:

    I think that the 4381 probably can in after you had departed the IBM mainframe platform . . .


    1. I was the Operations Manager that briefly ran a 4381 amongst other stuff. My job was to move on to other hardware and shut down the IBM machine. Running a mainframe for a modest business was very expensive. The replacement was more robust and cost about 1/10th the cost of the 4381. I managed to sell the 4381, its printers, terminals, etc, but it didn't raise much cash.


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